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  • Model Citizen

    Model Citizen is an 18 piece band, helmed by songwriter, producer, and keys player, Mark Ciani. The core of the group -- Mark, drummer Matt Musty, guitarist Alvaro Kapaz, bassist Ryan Gleason, and engineer and co-producer Fernando Lodeiro -- have collaborated on two prior full-length albums, Stone Mountain Station's, Electric Sile_ce, and The Alternative Facts' Don't Worry, Babe. Joining the fold for this iteration of the band is Josh Logan, a former contestant on The Voice.

    Model Citizen's new album, The Next Life, set for release in... read more

  • Daniel Steinbock Releases Feb. 15 Album
    Daniel Steinbock Releases Feb. 15 Album

    Indie Folk artist, Daniel Steinbock recites honest and heartfelt poetry wrapped in a delicate, acoustic package. His new album, Out of Blue, sets free the pain and reminiscence of love in order to commence a journey of healing. The title, Out of Blue, betokens sudden creative energy that reveals itself when provoked by love, loss, and self-discovery as if peeking its head through the dark. The album is out for release on February 15.

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  • Daniel Steinbock Announces Feb. 15 Album Release


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  • Club Kuru new single out now
    Club Kuru new single out now

    Single release: 'Cherry Bloom' by Club Kuru
    Release date: Out now
    More info: Band website

    Today, Club Kuru... read more

  • STAFF PICKS: our favourite recordings
    STAFF PICKS: our favourite recordings



    For this Staff Picks we ask the guys in the shop to delve into their Spotify playlists and tell us about their favourite recordings... and why we think you should hear them too!





    MILES DAVIS - In A Silent Way


    When it comes to recording, performance trumps production every time – at least for me. That’s why I’ll... read more

  • Mackenzie Shivers Releases Feb. 8 Album
    Mackenzie Shivers Releases Feb. 8 Album

    The new adult contemporary album, The Unkindness, from Mackenzie Shivers burns with empathy like a smoke signal bursting through the haze of political destruction in the United States. Seeking comfort during chaos, each song on The Unkindness travels like a lifeboat in troubled waters. Guiding the way towards dry land, Shivers reaches a compassionate hand into the ocean of ugliness and rescues those beginning to sink under. The Unkindness is out February 8.

    The Unkindness... read more

  • Sistertalk debut single out now
    Sistertalk debut single out now

    Single release: 'Vitriol' by Sistertalk
    Release date: Out now
    Label: Family Portrait
    More info: Band Facebook

    Today, elusive North... read more

  • Fontaines D.C. debut album out 12 April 2019
    Fontaines D.C. debut album out 12 April 2019

    Album release: 'Dogrel' by Fontaines D.C.
    Release date: 12 April 2019
    Label: Partisan Records
    More info: Band website

    Over... read more

  • Charly Bliss new album out 10 May 2019
    Charly Bliss new album out 10 May 2019

    Album release: ‘Young Enough’ by Charly Bliss
    Release date: 10 May 2019
    Label: Lucky Number
    More info: Band... read more

  • Larry “Ratso” Sloman debut album out 5 April 2019
    Larry "Ratso" Sloman debut album out 5 April 2019

    Album release: 'Stubborn Heart' by Larry "Ratso" Sloman
    Release date: 5 April 2019
    Label: Lucky Number
    More info: read more

  • Baby Teardrops Bring Vinyl Version Nov 15

    Baby TeardropsIn the advent of the Nirvana 20th Anniversary box-set and the resurgence of vinyl, New York City based Nu-grunge act, Baby Teardrops, are set to re-release their latest album X is for Love on vinyl November 15 through Kansas City, MO based label, Golden Sound Records.

    For Jerad Tomasino and the rest of Golden Sound Records, it is critical to sign a band that will aid in shaping the label’s image and mission. Upon hearing Baby Teardrops live and listening to their record, the crew at Golden Sound Records had determined that there was something special about the band.

    “Baby Teardrops had the perfect aesthetic to balance our artist roster,” Tomasino said. “They have a sound unlike any of the other bands, yet they fit into the puzzle perfectly.  In the digital/disposable age, anyone can make a noise, but with X is for Love, Matt and Baby Teardrops have created art,” Tomasino said. “It’s not high-brow, inaccessible music; it’s fun, well-crafted music done with care and intention. It is an album with excitement, intelligence and depth that we couldn’t be more proud including it in our catalog.”

    The respect is mutual. Matthew Dunehoo (vocals, guitar), who has written an album’s worth of songs that themselves harken back to an era when vinyl was king, appreciates Golden Sound Records’ focus on the quality of music and packaging. “Jerad and Ross have a great vision for the label” Dunehoo says. “They’ve got a strong center of label/musician employees, and the focus is on high quality presentation and product.”

    Listen to music on Baby Teardrops Radio

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