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  • OPB Music Premieres Robin Jackson, “Gospel and Grain”
    OPB Music Premieres Robin Jackson, "Gospel and Grain"

    OPB Music has the exclusive premiere of "Gospel and Grain." The single is off of Robin Jackson's upcoming album, due out on November 3. 

    “Gospel and Grain” is a new song from Portland artist Robin Jackson. He sang and played saxophone in cabaret band Vagabond Opera until the group went on hiatus in 2015. For his first solo release, “Dark Stars,” Jackson has traded Vagabond’s theatrical approach for more intimate songwriting.

    You can read the full review at opbmusic.org.... read more

  • Wes Youssi Releases New Outlaw Country Single, “Crazy Train”
    Wes Youssi Releases New Outlaw Country Single, “Crazy Train”

    Wes Youssi offers the whiskey drenched heartache single off of his upcoming album, Down Low, due out January 19 on Never Lucky Records. Just like friction fueled relationships, “Crazy Train” is locomotion going off the rails or a blazing wildfire. They can’t always be forced, rushed, or controlled, but often run their course and settle into a smolder.

    Youssi has seen his share of cups flying, plates crashing, and anything that wasn’t nailed... read more

  • 4 Targeted Spotify Playlist Ideas Your Fans Will Love

    This article appeared first on Sonicbids.


    Getting on spotify playlists is one of the best ways for bands to promote their music. It can also be a bit of an uphill battle to simply get a Spotify curator to add you to a playlist. You need to demonstrate you have a following on Spotify and social media and that there's interest in your music and a general buzz around you to attract these influencers.

    Over my past few articles, I’ve focused on how you... read more

  • Are You Burning Bridges to Spotify Playlisters?

    This article appeared first on Sonicbids.

    Spotify playlists are quickly becoming a major conduit to rack up streams, gain fans and followers, and get discovered. While there are endless amounts of organic, user-built playlists, there are also tastemaking, curated playlists with millions of followers.

    How do you approach those curators and land a coveted spot on a popular playlist? Before you take the first step, know that not every curator will have the most positive feedback, and scoring a placement might be a bit... read more

  • Penguin Prison Remixes Broke Royals Single, “As Long As I Can See”
    Penguin Prison Remixes Broke Royals Single, “As Long As I Can See”

    Broke Royals release the synth fueled Penguin Prison (Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, Sia) remix of their single, “As Long As I Can See”. The song pulses with a solar flair of neon vocals and pop-drenched keyboard leads that walk through a forest of sensory overload. It is off their upcoming self-titled album, due out November 17.

    Penguin Prison makes “As Long As I Can See” a dance anthem in a style consistent with... read more

  • Atwood Magazine Premieres Jared Saltiel, “Wayward Queen”
    Atwood Magazine Premieres Jared Saltiel, "Wayward Queen"

    Atwood Magazine has the exclusive premiere of the first single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jared Saltiel. "Wayward Queen" is off of his upcoming album, Out of Clay.


    Jared Saltiel’s “Wayward Queen” is an homage to the things we’ve let slip as a society, a delicate and impassioned ballad for what makes our humanity so beautiful and amazing. -Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine


    You can read the full review and stream the new single right now by going to read more

  • ash.ØK Announces January 19 Album Release
    ash.ØK Announces January 19 Album Release

    Philadelphia producer ash.ØK weaves disparate threads of genre — electronica, trap, hip-hop, folk, blues, and ambient—into a fine tapestry of sonic innovation on his upcoming album, The Unraveled, due out January 19, 2018. The diversity reigns apparent with collaborations from a wide-ranging musical spectrum of artistry to include Kid Moxie, Grammy-nominated cellist, Tina Guo (Wonder Woman, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder), Chrysanthe Tan (Ariana Grande, Bastille, Alicia Keys), and Kaly (Buzzfeed’s Top 13 South Asian rappers) among others.... read more

  • Jared Saltiel Announces February 2 Album Release
    Jared Saltiel Announces February 2 Album Release

    The upcoming album from singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Jared Saltiel, Out Of Clay, is a lush garden of sculpted sounds and expansive themes drawing from mythology, divination, and mystical traditions. It is the voice of an unconscious psyche articulating the “self” and tapping into universal symbols. The album, recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, is due out February 2. The first single, “Wayward Queen”, is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

    “Wayward Queen” is... read more

  • WHITE SUMMER! ‘Talk Me Through’ Single At Radio!
    WHITE SUMMER! ‘Talk Me Through’ Single At Radio!

    “With Zero in Tennis, White Summer have solidified themselves as excellent curators of a self-branded take on psychedelic rock.” - Hhhhappy.com

    “a bouncing hard rock number with big riffs and huge basslines,... read more
  • Karla Kane — “Don’t Hush, Darling” (music video)
    Karla Kane -- "Don't Hush, Darling" (music video)

    Karla Kane's video for "Don't Hush, Darling" features dancer/choreographer Tara Pandeya and contains an important message for all mothers to their daughters.

    Kane explains the empowering feminist message:

    "At a school where I once worked, when it was a student's birthday, they would get to choose whether to be the king, queen, prince or princess of the day. While the boys invariably chose king, the girls, to my dismay, always ended up as princess. This song is an... read more

  • Baby Teardrops Bring Vinyl Version Nov 15

    Baby TeardropsIn the advent of the Nirvana 20th Anniversary box-set and the resurgence of vinyl, New York City based Nu-grunge act, Baby Teardrops, are set to re-release their latest album X is for Love on vinyl November 15 through Kansas City, MO based label, Golden Sound Records.

    For Jerad Tomasino and the rest of Golden Sound Records, it is critical to sign a band that will aid in shaping the label’s image and mission. Upon hearing Baby Teardrops live and listening to their record, the crew at Golden Sound Records had determined that there was something special about the band.

    “Baby Teardrops had the perfect aesthetic to balance our artist roster,” Tomasino said. “They have a sound unlike any of the other bands, yet they fit into the puzzle perfectly.  In the digital/disposable age, anyone can make a noise, but with X is for Love, Matt and Baby Teardrops have created art,” Tomasino said. “It’s not high-brow, inaccessible music; it’s fun, well-crafted music done with care and intention. It is an album with excitement, intelligence and depth that we couldn’t be more proud including it in our catalog.”

    The respect is mutual. Matthew Dunehoo (vocals, guitar), who has written an album’s worth of songs that themselves harken back to an era when vinyl was king, appreciates Golden Sound Records’ focus on the quality of music and packaging. “Jerad and Ross have a great vision for the label” Dunehoo says. “They’ve got a strong center of label/musician employees, and the focus is on high quality presentation and product.”

    Listen to music on Baby Teardrops Radio

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