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Music Industry News

  • Mackenzie Shivers is Keyboard Magazine’s Talent Scout Artist of the Week
    Mackenzie Shivers is Keyboard Magazine's Talent Scout Artist of the Week

    Keyboard Magazine has featured some of the most talented musicians such as Elton John, Tori Amos, and more! Joining the list is Queens, New York singer-songwriter and pianist, Mackenzie Shivers

    Mackenzie has been featured in Keyboard Magazine's Talent Scout feature as the Artist of the Week. You can read the whole feature here where Mackenzie talks about her musical training, her favorite keyboards, her influences, and so much more.

    Hear Mackenzie's beautiful piano playing for yourself on her read more

  • Dove Audio WTF MU Oscillator Exclusive to KMR
    Dove Audio WTF MU Oscillator Exclusive to KMR


    It's not that often we see something genuinely new in the synth market, not to sound defeatist or anything like that, but it is quite rare to see something that's not been directly influenced by an already existing design, again not that that's a bad thing, but refreshing new tools are just that, refreshing. And when they can inject as much sonic potential into your patches as the... read more

  • The Word Is Bond is loving Nick Andre’s “Turn Back”

    The new Nick Andre track “Turn Back” features “a classic team” according to The Word Is Bond: Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious), Eric Boss and Lateef The Truthspeaker.

    The site goes on to say “over a percussion-driven soundscape, the duo goes for the jugular with their thought-provoking lyrics in a tag team fashion while Eric Boss comes in with additional vocals for the chorus. It is really a delight hearing seasoned verbal jousters doing what they do best sans label red-tape resulting in an all-out... read more

  • Emmeline

    read more
  • Silverbacks new single out now
    Silverbacks new single out now

    Single release: ‘Just In The Band’ by Silverbacks
    Release date: Out now
    Label: PK Miami Records
    More info: read more

  • Hajk new single out now
    Hajk new single out now

    Single release: 'Keep Telling Myself' by Hajk
    Release date: out now
    Label: Jansen
    More info: Band website

    Today, Hajk... read more

  • Maxïmo Park new album out 22 February 2019
    Maxïmo Park new album out 22 February 2019

    Album release: ‘As Long As We Keep Moving’ by Maxïmo Park
    Release date: 22 February 2019
    More info:... read more

  • Jaws new single out now
    Jaws new single out now

    Single release: ‘Driving At Night’ by JAWS
    Release date: Out now
    More info: Band website

    Birmingham dream-pop trio... read more

  • Elmore Magazine Exclusively Premieres “The Canyon” from Mackenzie Shivers
    Elmore Magazine Exclusively Premieres "The Canyon" from Mackenzie Shivers

    Mackenzie Shivers has been working her way towards her second solo LP release, The Unkindness, which comes out February 2019. Leading up to the release, she has released two singles, "Believe" and "tears to Keep Me Warm", and now Elmore Magazine is here with an EXCLUSIVE premiere of another new song, "The Canyon". Read the full feature here.


    When talking about "The Canyon", Shivers told Elmore: 

    "I wanted it to feel like you’re moving in a forward motion, so the chorus... read more

  • THE BEASTS! Announce ‘Still Here’ Album & 2019 National Australian Tour!
    THE BEASTS! Announce ‘Still Here’ Album & 2019 National Australian Tour!
    Former Beasts of Bourbon Kim Salmon, Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola and Tex Perkins reinvent themselves in a recorded project entitled ‘The Beasts Still Here’. THE BEASTS NEW ALBUM ‘STILL HERE’ read more
  • CSS Tricks: The No JavaScript Rollover

    One of the most frustrating aspects of designing a website is the fact that there are still only few standard fonts that are “safe” to use. This means even though you might have a large collection of spectacular fonts, there are limitations on how you can use them because most visitors to your site won’t have them installed on their computers — their browsers will then replace the missing font locally with what it deems a similar font, which may not be that similar at all. This can make your impeccable design become something much less than that.

    Moreover, it limits your choices and would seem to nullify really valuable CSS hover effects that are great alternatives to using images with javascript rollover functions that have to preload as your page is accessed. Thankfully, with some creative use of images and CSS, you can still have the font and the rollover effect, with not very much effort. This site uses the technique described below – mouse over the words ‘music’, ‘film’, ‘gadgets’, etc. and you’ll see them in action.

    The trick is to choose our font and design a “doubled” rollover image:

    Then, you use CSS to frame the image’s viewable area inside a <div>:

    .music {
     width: 56px;
     margin: 0 20px 0 0;
     overflow: hidden;



    And when you add the following CSS hover style…

    .music a:hover {
    margin-left: -57px;

    You get the rollover effect:

    Basically, what this does is shift the image to the left by 57 pixels, which allows the overflowed part of the image to move into view. So there you have it – quick easy, non-javascript rollovers!

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