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  • For Folk’s Sake Premieres Rebekah Rolland’s Debut Single
    For Folk's Sake Premieres Rebekah Rolland's Debut Single

    Americana artist Rebekah Rolland is gearing up to release her debut album. The first single, "Standing Still" is a vivid sunset gently swaying against the background of an evening prairie. For Folk's Sake had the exclusive premiere, and debuted the new single.

    "Standing Still" is a testament to this if there ever were one. The single is a gorgeously written dose of Americana that delicately builds into an impassioned finale. Rolland’s crystalline vocals are matched in their beauty by a swirl of instrumentation that never overwhelms,... read more

  • WHITE SUMMER! Announce Debut Album ‘Soul Breaker’ Out 25th May!
    WHITE SUMMER! Announce Debut Album ‘Soul Breaker’ Out 25th May!

    After a massive 2017 supporting the likes of British India and Ash Grunwald, White Summer will release their debut album ‘Soul Breaker’ on Friday 25th May.

    read more

  • BROTHER BE! ‘Nine Dollars’ Single At Radio Now!
    BROTHER BE! ‘Nine Dollars’ Single At Radio Now!

     "indie-pop brilliance" AAA Backstage

    After five years together, Canberra indie-rock group Brother Be decided to explore their sound further, shifting from upbeat party... read more

  • Do You Have What it Takes to Run Your Own Music PR Campaign?
    Do You Have What it Takes to Run Your Own Music PR Campaign?


    Ready to take your band to the next level, but can't afford to hire a music publicist?

    Don’t let that stop you from getting your music heard and receiving the credibility you deserve.

    We’re giving you the green light to go with our proven promotion strategy to rock your next album release.

    You’d love the expertise of a PR Firm to help you get your music to tastemakers, but you don’t have thousands of dollars piling up in your bank account,... read more

  • Rebekah Rolland Announces Single, “Standing Still”
    Rebekah Rolland Announces Single, “Standing Still”

    The new Americana single from Rebekah Rolland, “Standing Still” is a vivid sunset gently swaying against the background of an evening prairie. With a delicate and graceful melody, it dances around abandoned plows in fields filled with quiet storied homes. Rolland’s voice paints a picturesque story as an acoustic guitar brings the setting to life. It is the first single off her upcoming debut album, Seed & Silo, due out July 20 on Sky Island Records.

    “Deep Cry” soulfully... read more

  • Cosmos Sunshine Releases New Psych Rock Single, “The Bomb”
    Cosmos Sunshine Releases New Psych Rock Single, “The Bomb”

    Floating psychedelic melodies combine with a spacey rock groove as Cosmos Sunshine releases the second single, “The Bomb” off his upcoming album due out May 25. With a surreal imagery swirling throughout, the soft timbre of a flute, and sustained notes wind across the melody’s atmospheric plane.

    “The Bomb” has a focus that is entirely symbolic and open to interpretation. Visual queues like the Shooting Star Salesman reference the myth of the doomed rockstar as... read more

  • Rebekah Rolland

    Selected as an artist-in-residence for the National Park Service Centennial, Rolland spent several weeks at Homestead National Monument working on her debut record, Seed & Silo. The record is in many ways an extension of her work as vocalist, fiddler, and primary songwriter of the nationally-acclaimed group, As We Run (formerly Run Boy Run); though, more than ever, this collection of songs underscores her range and prowess as a lyricist, composer, and performer.

    Rolland joined forces with her bandmate and husband, Matt Rolland,... read more

  • CSS Tricks: The No JavaScript Rollover

    One of the most frustrating aspects of designing a website is the fact that there are still only few standard fonts that are “safe” to use. This means even though you might have a large collection of spectacular fonts, there are limitations on how you can use them because most visitors to your site won’t have them installed on their computers — their browsers will then replace the missing font locally with what it deems a similar font, which may not be that similar at all. This can make your impeccable design become something much less than that.

    Moreover, it limits your choices and would seem to nullify really valuable CSS hover effects that are great alternatives to using images with javascript rollover functions that have to preload as your page is accessed. Thankfully, with some creative use of images and CSS, you can still have the font and the rollover effect, with not very much effort. This site uses the technique described below – mouse over the words ‘music’, ‘film’, ‘gadgets’, etc. and you’ll see them in action.

    The trick is to choose our font and design a “doubled” rollover image:

    Then, you use CSS to frame the image’s viewable area inside a <div>:

    .music {
     width: 56px;
     margin: 0 20px 0 0;
     overflow: hidden;



    And when you add the following CSS hover style…

    .music a:hover {
    margin-left: -57px;

    You get the rollover effect:

    Basically, what this does is shift the image to the left by 57 pixels, which allows the overflowed part of the image to move into view. So there you have it – quick easy, non-javascript rollovers!

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