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  • Social Stance Saturday: Our Plastic, Our Problem (by Baeilou)
    Social Stance Saturday: Our Plastic, Our Problem (by Baeilou)
    Since I was little, I've always loved going to the seaside. The sound, the smell, the sea air-- even the ritual of gathering my towel, sunscreen, and swim suit--it all feels peaceful. Sadly, the seaside I enjoyed as a little girl is dramatically different from the seaside I experience now.
    Around 19 billion pounds of garbage end up in our oceans every year. It's everywhere, and it's a massive problem. Much of this waste problem is from single use plastics. These... read more
  • Atwood Magazine Premieres Harp Samuels, “Breathe”
    Atwood Magazine Premieres Harp Samuels, "Breathe"

    Atwood Magazine has the exclusive premiere of Australian ambient folk artist Harp Samuels' new track, "Breathe". The first single and title track from his upcoming album, it offers a passing glance of hope on its journey to healing.

    "An incredible singer/songwriter with seemingly limitless depths, Harp Samuels is an Australian born artist, producer, and multi instrumentalist whose music balances a world of ambience and neo/alternative folk." -Mitch Mosk

    Samuels captures the tension of leaving a darker space and seeking a... read more

  • Silverbacks new single out now
    Silverbacks new single out now

    Single release: 'Dunkirk' by Silverbacks
    Release date: Out now
    Label: PK Miami Records
    More info: Band... read more

  • Estrons new single out now
    Estrons new single out now

    Single release: 'Lilac' by Estrons
    Release date: Out now
    More info: Band website

    Welsh alt-rock outfit... read more

  • Active Bird new album out 26 October 2018
    Active Bird new album out 26 October 2018

    Album release: 'Amends' by Active Bird
    Release date: 26 October 2018
    Label: Barsuk Records
    More info: read more

  • The Molochs new album out 6 September 2018
    The Molochs new album out 6 September 2018

    Album release: 'Flowers In The Spring' by The Molochs
    Release date: 7 September 2018
    Label: Innovative Leisure
    More... read more

  • Adam Plomaritas

    His latest full length release, The Hard Way, was named #3 album of the year by Ann Arbor Radio's John Bommarito. Adam Plomaritas presents an onslaught of tight, satisfying rock 'n roll, tastefully seasoned with soul and blues. You might say that Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald, and Stevie Wonder all got eaten by a Telecaster-toting grizzly.
    Adam writes infectious tunes with pure-hearted lyrics and rhythms that could rile any
    dance floor. With an arresting, powerhouse vocal delivery,... read more

  • Foxing new album out 10 August 2018
    Foxing new album out 10 August 2018

    Album release: 'Nearer My God' by Foxing
    Release date: 10 August 2018
    Label: Triple Crown
    More info:... read more

  • Rebekah Rolland’s Music Video for “Standing Still” Premieres on PopMatters
    Rebekah Rolland's Music Video for "Standing Still" Premieres on PopMatters

    PopMatters is calling Rebekah Rolland's single, "Standing Still" "meditative Americana". They premiered her new music video for the single and got the scoop from Rebekah herself on the process of making it. 

    "Built around a light-footed melody and wispy instrumentation, Rolland's subtle folk number effortlessly evokes nostalgic images of our landscapes' natural beauty. It's a song reliant on building up call-backs towards both memories held presently and those that we may have to reach a bit further back for to grasp, intent on... read more

  • The Stubborn Lovers Announce Single, “Porch Light”
    The Stubborn Lovers Announce Single, “Porch Light”

    Drifting in like a warm breeze through the window on a golden summer day, “Porch Light” is the new single from Portland band The Stubborn Lovers. From the cowboy wallpaper in a childhood room to a grandmother knitting while her famous rhubarb pie bakes in the oven, the dust-tinged lyrics and melody paint in honeyed tones of yesterday. Blending alt-country and Southern rock, “Porch Light” is the first single off the band’s upcoming album Mother Road, due... read more

  • Toy Bombs Dropping New EP November 15

    Toy BombsToy Bombs are serious about music. Their fun, garage pop sound may seem to belie this fact, but making music is not a whim for Cole Barnson (guitar, vocals, bass, percussion, harmonica) and Brandon McBride (guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, percussion, drums, harmonica, effects), who manage and book shows for themselves as well as run a label, Flat Top Records, and live in their own recording studio. “We simply have the same work ethic anyone else would have in their fields of work,” says Barnson. “We want to be in music because it is what we are good at, not because it’s an easy way to money and fame”. It should be no surprise then that their second EP should come with the tongue in cheek title, Will Work for Free. “Now days, especially in the music industry, people expect things for free,” says McBride. “For some reason it is deemed socially acceptable for people to steal music. People want music, both recorded and live, for nothing. We are asking the questions, ‘Is this really what you want from musicians? Is what we have to offer really worth nothing?’” Will Work for Free is worth paying for, with songs that manage to cover cowboys, parenting, addiction and the degradation of society equally well and in a package that is bursting with energy harnessed from their always worth catching live show. Will Work for Free will be released nationally November 15, 2011.

    Listen to music on Toy Bombs Radio

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