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  • Girl Underground Music Debuts Xuan Single

    As Xuan releases her first single “We Were Just Talking” from her up-and-coming album Have Some Fun on November 16th, Girl Underground Music jumped on the opportunity to premiere and review the indie-pop track.

    About the new single Girl Underground Music writer, Janette Ayub, says “Delightfully opening with innocent banter and magical synths, “We Were Just Talking” is the epitome of inner dialogue and wishful thinking when merely talking to a crush. Fluorescent tempo switches dance alongside Xuan’s joyous, yet sotto voce delivery,... read more

  • Ghettoblaster Premieres Balloon Ride Fantasy’s “Welcoming Party”

    As we anxiously await for tommorrow’s arrival of their third release, the six song EP BRF, Ghettoblaster took to the keyboard to write up a premiere for our favorite synth-pop/new wave band, Balloon Ride Fantasy’s, latest track. The title of the track is “Welcoming Party,” and in case you haven’t already listened to it, it’s fire. If you collectively took all the awesome vibes from this song and wired it to power a toaster, it would probably melt your face. You... read more

  • Darren Jessee Bares His Soul in “Letting you Go”

    August 24th will see the debut solo release from Darren Jessee, The Jane Room 217. In celebration of this beautifully sparse, soon-to-be masterpiece, Atwood Magazine has premiered the newest single, “Letting You Go.”

    Mitch Mosk really delves deeply into the song, saying “Darren Jessee captures the heartbreak, longing, and loneliness of saying goodbye to the one you love in his bittersweet breakup ballad, “Letting You Go.” Read the entire write up here

    Since 2004, Jessee’s released four records under the name Hotel Lights, all... read more

  • Bill using Mailchimp

    Y’all wanna see what it looks like when Bill gets to crackin’ on good ole Mailchimp?
    Well, you got it.

    Bill using Mailchimp

    read more
  • Ruston Kelly debut album out 7 September 2018
    Ruston Kelly debut album out 7 September 2018

    Album release: 'Dying Star' by Ruston Kelly
    Release date: 7 September 2018
    Label: Rounder Records
    More info:... read more

  • Gregory Alan Isakov new album out 5 October 2018
    Gregory Alan Isakov new album out 5 October 2018

    Album release: 'Evening Machines' by Gregory Alan Isakov
    Release date: 5 October 2018
    Label: Dualtone Recordsread more

  • Gunship new album out 5 October 2018
    Gunship new album out 5 October 2018

    Album release: ‘Dark All Day’ by Gunship
    Release date: 5 October 2018
    More info: Band... read more

  • Lucero new album out 3 August 2018
    Lucero new album out 3 August 2018

    Album release: 'Among The Ghosts' by Lucero
    Release date: 3 August 2018
    Label: Liberty & Lament... read more

  • Satellite Stories final album out 7 September 2018
    Satellite Stories final album out 7 September 2018

    Album release: ‘Cut Out The Lights’ by Satellite Stories
    Release date: 7 September 2018
    Label: Playground Music Scandinavia
    More... read more

  • Earmilk premieres new single from Nick Andre

    With help from Lateef The Truth Speaker and Hanni El Khatib on vocals, Nick Andre premiered his new single “Guns” with Earmilk. Andre is the co-founder of Slept On Records, which has allowed Andre and team to self-release and work with other artists such as Lateef The Truth Speaker and Gift of Gab.

    “Guns” is the first track to be released from a series of singles, which will premiere throughout the second half of 2018. Earmilk describes “Guns” as “a thought-provoking record…employing a stripped... read more

Featured Articles

  • Sonnox are beginning the festivities early this year with a fantastic Buy One Get One Free offer. As of the start of November, simply purchase any of their plug-ins from us, register it with Sonnox and receive a voucher via e-mail for the value of the plug-in you bought. It’s that simple.

    Sonnox Buy One Get One Free Offer

    Sonnox need no introduction and their vast range of plug-ins are considered indispensible by countless engineers and producers throughout the world whether they work in music production, broadcast, post production or mastering. From their superb Sonnox Oxford EQ and Dynamics which were first developed for the original Sony digital consoles, the ever-so powerful SuprEsser and SuprEsser DS which are possibly the most flexible de-essers on the market, or even the incredible Inflator which is being used on anything from single instruments to masters just to add some life, level and excitement to any source.

    Plug-ins included in that offer:

    Sonnox plug-ins are crucial tools for any engineer serious about their sound and there’s never been a better time to add any of their high-quality offerings to your arsenal. If you would like to know more, contact us on sales @kmraudio.com, on 020 8445 2446 or simply visit us in our North London Showroom or Richmond office.

    By Paul Lavigne

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  • Barefoot Sound has announced the release of the Barefoot MicroMain45 3-way active studio monitors.

    Barefoot MM45 Active Studio Monitors
    The Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 takes on many of the designs of the flagship MiniMain12 studio monitors including signal path, amplifier and driver technologies to deliver similar performance at a fraction of the cost.
    The Barefoot Sound MM45 follows the success and proven design of the ubiquitous Barefoot MicroMain 27 which is being used in hundreds of studios worldwide and championed by legendary mixers and producers such as Michael Brauer, Butch Vig and many others. Now the Barefoot MM45 brings the sound and detail of its predecessors at a size and price accessible to project studios and small studios alike.

    Although the Barefoot MM45 does not feature the dual force cancelling drivers and MEME DSP technology of its forebears, the MicroMain45 sports the same 1” ring radiator tweeter complemented by Hypex amplification as the Barefoot’s flagship monitors. A new 8” has been specifically designed to provide the best bass reproduction.

    A stripped down version of the MiniMain12 the MicroMain45 is the most affordable studio monitor to date by Barefoot Sound and delivers the same quality that has made Barefoot one of the most most popular and revered studio monitor manufacturers today.

    The Barefoot MicroMain45 are available to pre-order from KMR Audio and retail at £4999 inc VAT for a pair.

    By Paul Lavigne

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  • Polish Manufacturer Bettermaker has just announced the 542 Remote and 502P Remote Plug-in controlled 500-series EQ modules.

    Bettermaker 502P Remote and 542 Remote Announced

    Featuring the exact same circuitry as the EQ542 and the EQ502P, both modules are controlled only via the dedicated VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in allowing for quick session recall and automation directly within your DAW of choice.

    The 502P Remote and 542 Remote are both true-analogue stereo EQs with the 502P Remote being inspired by legendary Pultec designs and the 542 Remote a truly transparent four-band parametric EQ with both a 24dB/oct High-Pass and a 12dB/oct Low-Pass filters. Both units are extremely powerful and ideal tools for mixing and mastering.

    Both modules feature a minimalist faceplate with only a USB socket which connects to your computer for plug-in control. The digital and analogue sections are separated by steel screen isolators ensuring no crossover between both sections.

    Bettermaker EQ542 Remote Key Features:

    • Stereo Parametric section, two parametric filters offered in combined, matched stereo.
    • High pass section, 24 dB/oct filter with selectable frequency
    • Low pass section, 12 dB/oct filter with selectable frequency
    • USB link to use the EQ’s just as you would use a plugin, including Automation.
    • Free AU, VST, RTAS, (AAX soon) 32 & 64 bit plugin controller
    • Steel screen isolators for maximum separation of digital and analogue sections
    • You can connect up to 99 EQ542′s to one D.A.W. and control them with dedicated plugins.

    Bettermaker EQ502P Remote Key Features:

    • Stereo Pultec section- Shelf filters based upon legendary constructions, offered in combined, matched stereo, with all the features including separate boost and attenuation knobs.
    • USB link to use the EQ’s just as you would use a plugin, including Automation.
    • AU, VST, RTAS (32 & 64 bit) supported A/B comparing function
    • Steel screen isolators for maximum separation of digital and analogue sections.
    • Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz (-0.5dB)
    • Dynamic range: more than 106 dB
    • S/N ratio: more than 104 dB
    • THD+N: less than 0.004%
    • Channels: 2
    • Weight: 0,5kg
    • Input impedance: 10k Ohm unbalanced, 20k Ohm balanced
    • Output impedance: 100 Ohm unbalanced, 200 Ohm balanced
    • Max input level: +24dBu balanced or +18dBu unbalanced
    • Max output level: +24dBu balanced or +18dBu unbalanced
    • Unity gain: balanced: 0dB, unbalanced: -6dB
    • Clip detector: present P EQ low freq. range: 20, 30, 60, 100Hz
    • P EQ high freq. range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16 kHz
    • P EQ high cut freq: 5, 10, 20 kHz 6db/oct


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  • Solid State Logic (AKA SSL) have just unveiled their brand new XL-Desk analogue studio console in our North London Showroom.

    Solid State Logic XL-Desk Announced

    The XL-Desk is an exciting new console, which features 24 channels, eight buses  as well as eighteen 500-series slots, and is designed for tracking and mixing. Within the 24 channels feature eight VHD mic preamps as found in their duality consoles, 8 mono line inputs and 4 stereo inputs. Eight additional preamp can be added to input 9 to 16 via the 500-series modules which are assigned to their respective channels so channels 9 to 16 will use slot 9 to 16 on the 500-series racks.

    Like all SSL consoles, the XL-Desk is all about flexibility and, while it doesn’t provide automation, total recall and many “intelligent” features of its Duality, AWS and Matrix consoles, do make this desk incredibly versatile. For example, in addition to the 500-series rack, each channel has a dedicated insert point for further processing, direct outputs to print everything directly to DAW and four stereo busses with flexible routing. Buss A is hardwired to slot 17 and 18 of your 500-series' which leads to SSL’s new iteration of their legendary G-series Stereo Bus Compressor which now features a side-chain HPF… how nice! Buss B, C and D can also access 500-series slots for multi-bus compression (you could almost 'Brauerize' your mixes with the aid of an external patchbay), parallel processing, our subgroup processing.

    There are too many features to list in this section but there are many noteworthy niceties like its comprehensive monitoring section with 3 stereo outputs and Sub section (with intelligent bass management), two foldbacks with individual talkbacks and what is possibly one of the most exciting addition for the monitoring section - the legendary Listen Mic Compressor that can be used on your tracks, just like the legendary SSL 4000+ console to create the ultimate 80’s drum sound!  Alt inputs are also included, effectively doubling the count of tracks at mixdown.

    There have been a few mixing desks recently incorporating the 500-series from the likes of API, Ocean Audio and Trident so it was just a matter of time before SSL joined the party. Their offering is very well thought out and will appeal to recording and mixing engineers alike. If you want to discover more about the SSL XL-Desk you can do so by visiting our product page which explores what this new analogue mixing desk has to offer. What’s more it seems reasonably priced (compared with the competition), with the entry-level priced at £14,100 inc VAT and a version filled with SSL E-series EQ 500-series module at £22,500.

    If you are yearning for a great sounding analogue console, or want the SSL sound without the automation, and all the intelligent features of the bigger desk, this might be what you’ve been looking for. What do you think? Did SSL get it right; is it a desk that would work for you? Tell us what you think, we’d love to know.

    By Paul Lavigne


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  • Starting from today until the 31st of December, Universal Audio are offering some of their most revered plug-in emulations free when you purchase any of their Apollo range of audio interfaces.

    Buy a Universal Audio Apollo audio interface and receive FREE Plug-ins

    The offer includes some of Universal Audio’s most popular emulations including the 610A Mic preamp,  Manley Massive Passive, EMT 140 Plate Reverb and Studer A800 tape machine, giving you the different tones and colours that Universal Audio has managed to capture in their formidable emulations.  All you have to do is purchase an Apollo interface , be it an Apollo Twin, Apollo (Duo or Quad) or Apollo 16, and you’ll automatically receive the plug-in to your account.

    The plug-ins you receive are determined by the interface you are getting and work like this.

    • Buy the Apollo Twin Solo and get the UA 610A Tube preamp and EQ plug-in worth $149
    • Buy the Apollo Twin Duo and get the UA610A Tube preamp and EQ and the EMT140 Plate Reverb - worth $348
    • Buy the Apollo Duo and receive the 610A Tube Preamp and EQ, EMT 140 Plate Reverb and Neve 88RS Channel Strip Plug-ins - worth $647
    • Buy the Apollo Quad and receive the UA610A Tube Preamp and EQ, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Neve 88RS and Studer A800 Tape Recorder plug-ins – worth $996
    • Buy the Apollo 16 and receive the UA610A Tube Preamp and EQ, EMT140 Plate Reverb, Neve 88RS Channel Strip, Studer A800 Tape Recorder and the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-ins – worth $1295

    If by any chance you already registered a UAD-2 card or another Apollo interface and already own any of the plug-ins listed you’ll receive a single use coupon of equal value to the plug-ins you already own.

    This is a really great offer and if you were pondering on getting a new audio interface by Universal Audio or not, this offer is undoubtedly a serious proposition.

    By Paul Lavigne

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  • Crane Song has announced a brand new update to its superb Avocet monitoring controller and Insigna a brand new valve EQ for the 500-series format.

    The Crane Song Avocet II is the result of two years of research, and now features a fourth generation D/A stage using a new quartz crystal reference oscillator for clocking. This results in extremely low jitter, as low as 1pS and a phase noise floor below 115dB at 10Hz compared to 105dB on the previous model. Combined with unique analogue and digital reconstruction filters ensure a truly pristine sound with far more detail, focus and imaging.

    Crane Song Avocet II Monitoring Controller

    New functionality have made their way on the remote accompanying the Avocet II offering further workflow improvements. A new Shift button provides multiple functions for most of the switches including Speaker Selection buttons which can be used to setup surround systems more efficiently. The central level knob can also control talkback level and mic gain very easily.

    Already a reference in recording, mixing and mastering facilities, the Avocet II is the ultimate monitoring controller for those who require truly accurate monitoring.

    The Crane Song Insigna is a valve 3-band EQ for 500-series and the third module by Crane Song.

    Crane Song Insigna 500-series Valve EQ

    A 3-band EQ with High and Low shelving bands and a peak mid band, the Insigna also features 24dB/oct high-pass and low-pass filters all fitted on a single slot. All three bands, offer a choice of 8 frequencies while both HPF and LPF provide 7 frequencies each.

    Like the other two modules the Insigna is based around a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 valve, and all three bands use buffered RC circuits in the negative feedback path around the valve amplifiers resulting in a fat valve sound rich in second harmonics.

    The Crane Song Avocet II comes in a stereo and surround version retailing at £2100 inc VAT (£1750 ex VAT) and £5640 inc VAT (£4700 ex VAT) respectively.  The Crane Song Insigna will retail at £1200 inc VAT (£1000 ex VAT) with release date to be confirmed.

    By Paul Lavigne


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  • Universal Audio today announced a highly anticipated Thunderbolt version of their UAD-2 Satellite range, called the UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

    UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt


    The UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt DSP Accelerators comes in Quad and Octo configuration with four or eight SHARC DSP chips. This gives you an awful lot of DSP power, perfect for larger mixing sessions, and with thunderbolt connectivity you won’t be limited by bandwidth, matching the level of performance of PCIe cards.  What’s more you can use the UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt with other UAD-2 PCIe or Satellite cards as well as any of the Apollo Twin, Apollo Duo, Quad and Apollo 16 audio interfaces.

    UAD-2 Satelllite Thunderbolt Quad Front


    The UAD-2 Platform has become the DSP plug-in platform of choice of countless engineers, musicians and producers around the world, offering over 90 of the best emulations of classic hardware available including Neve, SSL, Helios, Empirical Labs, Studer, Ampex, API, Shadow Hills, Trident, Harrison, Fairchild, Pultec, and many more. Both the UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Quad and UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Octo are available in Core, Custom and Ultimate configurations. All three configurations include the Analog Classics Plus bundle which includes LA-2A, 1176, Pultec, Fairchild but the Custom configuration adds another three plug-ins of your choice, available at registration while the Ultimate provides more than 79 plug-ins to choose from.

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Back


    UK pricing for both Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Quad and UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Octo has yet to be confirmed and first shipment is expected to be in October. Watch this space for all the latest developments.

    By Paul Lavigne

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  • Solid State Logic has just launched an incredible offer. Buy an SSL Sigma summing mixer and receive the 500-series version of their legendary G-series mixbuss compressor! Not only is this offer incredible value for money saving you almost a third, this will certainly go a long way towards giving you the sound of big SSL consoles mixbuss section.

    SSL Sigma with Free 500-series Stereo Mixbuss Compressor

    SSL Sigma: More than the Sum of its Part

    If you are looking for a summing mixer, the SSL Sigma is hard not to consider. In addition to offering 16 mono or stereo channels, it offers DAW automation control which makes it more precise and easier to control and recall your sessions. Each channel also features direct output and two stereo busses and stereo insert points.  In true SSL-style, possibilities are endless and the flexibility of the Sigma surpasses all others summing mixers on the market.

    Big Mixes for Free

    The addition of the free Stereo buss compressor 500 makes the proposition even more interesting adding the legendary SSL G-console mixbuss compressor sound to your mixing chain, in essence recreating the mixbuss section of SSL G-series consoles. Simply plug the mixbuss compressor on the mix stereo output of the Sigma and back into your session and you are effectively printing through an SSL console, giving you all the analogue separation, colour and typical sound that has graced so many classic records since the 80’s.

    The powerful combination of the Solid State Logic Sigma and 500-Series Stereo Buss Compressor has never been so affordable and people looking for the big SSL sound or simply on the lookout for a powerful summing mixer should definitely consider this limited offer.

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  • Announced at NAMM 2014, the highly anticipated Clariphonic 500 EQ by Kush Audio has finally arrived.

    Based on the truly unique and inspiring Clariphonic, this single-channel parallel EQ for 500-series adds of focus, detail clarity and air without ever sounding harsh or even processed.  Effortless, the Clariphonic 500 brings the midrange into focus and adds presence and shimmer in a truly natural way where harmonic enhancers would sound harsh and fatiguing.

    Like the original, the Clariphonic 500 uses a mastering grade signal path with only the highest quality components for a truly tight and clear sound. The unusual front panel invites the users to play with the 6 switches and two knobs and explore all the sonic possibilities.

    The Clariphonic 500 retails at £540 inc VAT and the first units are expected to be with us anytime soon.

    By Paul Lavigne

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  • Avid has made a surprise announcement by announcing the Avid Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet two new audio interfaces issued in partnership with Apogee.

    Avid Pro Tools Duet and Pro Tools Quartet Audio Interfaces Announced by Avid

    These Avid branded audio interfaces are in all respect similar to the original audio interfaces by Apogee except that Windows users will now benefit from the superior AD/DA conversion that was once reserved to Mac users. The other difference is that the Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet can be controlled with a EUCON enabled Pro Tools I/O Control software which offers direct control of recording and monitoring via the software or by using an Avid Artist Series Controller.

    The Avid Pro Tools | Duet is a 2 x 4 audio interface designed with singers/songwriters, or musicians on the road wanting high quality AD/DA conversion, while the Avid Pro Tools | Quartet is more aimed at artists and engineers looking for a high-quality desktop solution to record and monitor bands and as such features 12 by 4 I/O.  Both interfaces also include the full 64-bit Pro Tools 11 software with over 60 AAX plugins covering virtual instruments, processors utilities.

    This bundle provides the high-quality solution that many people were asking from Avid by far surpassing their own m-Box offerings, but what is surprising is that Apogee users could already benefit for Pro Tools 11 since Avid opened Pro Tools to third-party audio interfaces.  People using Windows will likely be tempted by this offering since Apogee was only releasing audio interfaces for Mac OS and this might be a way for Apogee to test a new possible market.

    Those beautiful black die-cast aluminium are surely exquisite and the sound quality will certainly appeal to many musicians and engineers.  We are still waiting for a release date, but the Avid Pro Tools | Duet will retail at £970.80 inc VAT, while the Avid Pro Tools | Quartet will go for £1762.80 inc VAT

    By Paul Lavigne

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