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    Glide Magazine premiered the new track from Racine, WI-raised and Oakland, CA-based singer-songwriter Pezzettino called “How To.”

    Glide calls the song “a delicate folk-rooted composition that combines the humility of Big Thief and the musical curiosity of Regina Spektor. Pezzettino has created a song of enduring aspiration, where daily struggle and hope combine for a musical buildup that is indie folk at its most haunting.”

    Read the entire premiere HERE

    The song comes from Pezzettino’s upcoming album, Resin which is out on February 8th.

    read more

    The Big Takeover premiered the new track from Montreal-raised and NYC-based singer-songwriter Matt Shapiro called “Rockaway Girl.”

    The Big Takeover says of the track “It’s an up-tempo strummer and hummer that dashes off the starting line of the track and quickly introduces the distorted synth-organs that are one of the record’s sonic hallmarks. It’s an exuberant, lo-fi affair with organs grinding alongside pulsing bass and drums and Shapiro’s reverb-drenched vocals floating overtop.”

    See the entire premiere HERE.

    “Rockaway Girl” is the opening track... read more

  • Orouni

    The practice of a meticulous craft, a fascination for ambitious compositions, a strong attachment to the art of songwriting, a desire to set a palette of emotions to music, ranging from assumed melancholy to contagious euphoria, openness to the world and more: Orouni shares so many values and desires with December Square that his presence within the family seems self-evident.

     While some pursue experimental research reserved for experts and others lose themselves in their mad quest for global... read more

  • HARD-ONS! Join Rose Tattoo For ‘Still Never Too Loud’ Tour 2019!
    HARD-ONS! Join Rose Tattoo For ‘Still Never Too Loud’ Tour 2019!

    Rose Tattoo’s – ‘Never Too Loud’, released in 1997 through Repertoire Records Germany, was a ‘Popumentaryread more

  • Press Club tour dates April/May 2019
    Press Club tour dates April/May 2019

    Tour announcement: Press Club
    Tour dates: April/May 2019
    More info: Band website

    With Press Club having already risen... read more

  • Nick Waterhouse new album out 8 March 2019
    Nick Waterhouse new album out 8 March 2019

    Album release: Nick Waterhouse
    Release date: 8 March 2019
    Label: Innovative Leisure
    More info: Artist website

    Los Angeles-based musician... read more

  • Active Bird Community tour dates January 2019
    Active Bird Community tour dates January 2019

    Tour announcement: Active Bird Community
    Tour dates: January 2019
    Label: Barsuk Records
    More info: Band website

    Following the... read more

  • Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, “13 September”
    Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "13 September"

    The new indie folk single, “13 September”, from California native Daniel Steinbock, pulls a remembered young love from the depths of an acoustic daydream. The song navigates through gentle fingerstyle guitar as odes to a first sweetheart conjure tender moments out of true love’s past. The single is off the upcoming debut album, Out of Blue, out February 15.

    Steinbock narrates the tale of two warm souls falling head over heels, an homage of... read more

  • Ghettoblaster premieres the new Terry Ohms video

    Ghettoblaster premiered the new video from Terry Ohms today called “Bring All to Front.” To accompany the video release, they also did an interview with Ohms where he discuss some of the songs’ origins and what he’s currently listening to.

    “Bring All to Front” comes from Terry Ohms upcoming album, Terryfirma. Recorded in his basement, Ohms not only played all the instruments on the album but he also directed his own music videos.

    Check out the video and read up on the full post... read more

  • THE TWILIGHT SAD! ‘It Won/t Be Like This All The Time’ Album Out 18th January (Rock Action Records)
    THE TWILIGHT SAD! ‘It Won/t Be Like This All The Time’ Album Out 18th January (Rock Action Records)

    Glasgow's The Twilight Sad return with the latest single from their fifth full-length – and their first for their new label read more

Featured Articles

  • MARTIN FRAWLEY! “Chain Reaction” At Radio Today!

    RiSH Publicity | Recording Industry Servicing Hub
    Martin Frawley documents his attempts to turn over a new leaf throughout the lyrics of his solo debut album Undone at 31, out February 22 worldwide. To reinforce this new path forward and move away from the familiar, the Twerps co-founder employed fresh, imaginative approaches in the recording studio as well. “We spent three weeks in John Lee’s Phaedra Studios in Melbourne’s Coburg neighborhood,” Frawley explains. “First week tracking, second week experimenting, third week mixing.”
    That experimentation included a subtractive process of layering three drum takes as the foundation for the Jacques Dutronc-vibing “Chain Reaction” before pulling out pieces like a Jenga tower to arrive at the final result. Hear it for yourself today, accompanied by a playful music video shot in Brooklyn last year that features Frawley singing the infectious crybaby chorus.
    The first and second tracks on Undone at 31“You Want Me?” and “End of the Bar,” respectively, are also available for listening, and you should play them in order for storytelling purposes. Raven Sings the Blues says, “This Martin Frawley album is shaping up to be the ‘sorting your shit out’ record that we all need this year.”
    Pre-order yours on CD, LP, and blue-white marble Peak Vinyl in the Merge store, or wherever you buy music.
    For 2019, Frawley has assembled a live band that includes Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jaeger of Lionlimb for Undone at 31 release shows in LA and NYC, as well as an appearance at By The Meadow in Bambra, VIC.
    Keep your ears to the ground for a really exciting announcement about a run of Martin Frawley shows in Melbourne this March.

    All Media Enquiries & Interview Requests: 

    RiSH Publicity 

    E: info@rishpublicity.com

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  • The new single from LA’s Sean Pawling accompanies a Central American immigrant woman trying to get across the US border, and highlights her dogged determination for a better life. “Rio Grande” centers around trombone melodies expanding across the track to create a vast, open landscape set before the protagonist’s journey. The single is off of the upcoming album, Sunsinking, due out January 25 on R-Team Duo Recordings.

    Pawling wrote “Rio Grande” as a tribute to the traditions of people, especially women, who embark on the dangerous mission of crossing the border into the United States. The significance of highlighting the dogged struggle of migrant women has never been more timely. Engulfing the bottom layer of the single’s musical anatomy is a dense walking bass line which provides stability, fullness, and supports a cascading trombone melody that adds exuberant richness to the myriad of instrumentation. A panning electric guitar syncs up with a low-registered horn line as waves of soaring synth wade in the deep pools of sound.

    As the album title implies, Sunsinking ricochets lightness into the dark and everywhere in between. Pawling says, “I’m proud that the multiplicity and diversity of California are represented in my music--from the acoustic sounds reminiscent of the woods and mountains to the gritty synthesized sounds of the city to the brass parts evocative of mariachi and classical music.” The album has many cyclical themes, one being the title itself, Sunsinking, which represents the constant rotation and movement from day to night. The familiar cycle of the Earth rotating to create the constant transition from light to dark on the world is represented musically on the album. Songs like, the previously released “100 Lives”, “Rio Grande” and “San Simeon” use poppy synthesizers and vocal effects to create a more blissful, lustering sound, while “Overture”, “Last In Line”, “Heavy Eyes”, and “Sunsinking”, ”use more natural, earthy sounds to evoke moods mired in mystery. The cyclical process of life and loss is also woven into the album. Within those themes of death and rebirth, Pawling mirrors the nature of humanity with nature itself.


    About Sean Pawling:

    Sean Pawling is a multi-instrumentalist from South Lake Tahoe who has lived in Los Angeles for the past 15 years. Pawling has been a musician since childhood and studied trombone at the University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and The Colburn School. He has performed as a trombonist at The Greek Theatre, Disney Concert Hall, Royce Hall, Chicago’s Ravinia Festival, and New York’s Lincoln Center. His first EP, Inner Child, was released in 2011, and his first LP, Eye for an Eiger, in 2014. The new album, Sunsinking, is out in January 2019 and being released on R-Team Duo Recordings.


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  • The new single from Dallas singer-songwriter, Emmeline, explodes likes a flash of light jolting a dark, abandoned city restlessly moving in the depths of the night. “Superheroes” believes in perseverance like a powerfully cosmic phenomenon, even when triumph seems hidden within a blackened sky. Empowering vocals swell with confidence against a fusion of strings and keys that take flight into the cosmos. The piano-driven pop ballad is the first single off the upcoming album, RISE, out March 15.



    “Superheroes” takes off in full force like a dazzling comet reviving everything its light touches. An empowering ballad of resilience, Emmeline sings, “We’ll just climb ‘till we’re shining like diamonds...We’re gonna be superheroes// We can’t do it all, but we’ll start out small.” It is a reminder that the light within oneself is, in fact, enough to shed the darkness. The single opens with faint sounds of a city, still and unbothered, while the stamp of footsteps grows heavily, embarking into the night. Sweltering like a layer of fog, rich piano maneuvers its way around the corners of skyscrapers and streetlights. Emmeline’s prolific vocals cut through the fog like a potent glow reflecting off of the soaring ball of fire above. As the comet passes over the entire cityscape, the track is infused with energy, building in production and instrumentation. Bombastic drums combine with electric guitar to make the city come to life.


    Each song on RISE encompasses its own complete voice. The discoveries are endless, telling the listener different stories each time a track is explored. Extensive production sets the album apart from Emmeline’s previous releases. Like “Superheroes”, the instrumentation on the album builds and grows with an outpouring of emotions in times where one feels like they are truly being tested by the world. Five years in the making, it wasn’t completed without hindrance. Finishing the album felt like spraining an ankle in the last seconds of the race and limping towards the finish line, and this foreshadowing of the meaning of the album as a whole played a key factor in the album title. Emmeline states, “This record is about getting past your pain by working through it and realizing that there is so much joy on the other side.”


    About Emmeline

    Emmeline is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who began her career as a pianist at age four. Her extensive classical training is what has her acclaimed as a "piano-centered Joni Mitchell" by Dallas's revered Ghost of Blind Lemon. Having honed her live skills in venues such as Dallas’s legendary Opening Bell Coffee, and the House of Blues, Emmeline has developed a stage presence as intimate and personal as the stories told in her musical repertoire. Consisting of four EPs, Early Morning Hours (2010), Someone to Be (2011), Ramblings and Rarities: The Live EP (2012), Beautiful Scars (2013,) and her upcoming album, RISE, out March 2019, Emmeline writes or co-writes every song under her name.

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  • Silver Lake 66

    Brijana Bondy

    Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo define modern Americana as Silver Lake 66. With a winning amalgamation of classic country, folk and blues, their songs have been hailed by numerous publications and radio stations. It’s no wonder, either, given their knack for authentic, heartstring-tugging songwriting, impeccable harmonies and ardent guitar-playing. Together, they perform outstanding roots-laden duets following in the footsteps of Americana greats from Lucinda Williams to The Civil Wars.

    The couple first began playing music together in the Midwest. First and foremost, Francis and Overbo met in Minneapolis and lingered there for a while. Following several years of recording and performing locally, the duo decided that it was time for a change and they hit the road for SoCal with their Ford van, their guitars and their trusty dog, Bernie.

     For nearly a decade through the 1990s, Francis and Overbo called Los Angeles their home. During that time, they fronted a band called The Ruby Trees. As The Ruby Trees, the couple performed in a slew of local LA clubs, which includes appearances at Ronnie Mack’s Barn Dance at The World-Famous Palomino Club. During this time, they also contributed a song to A Town South of Bakersfield, Volume 3 (Restless). They joined industry veterans Dale Watson, The Hellecasters and Harry Dean Stanton on the release.

    Life in LA wasn’t all good news for the couple, however. During their stay in California, Maria Francis’s battle with lupus proved to be a steep hill to climb. They faced adversity in their move to Portland, Oregon, too, when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Still, the couple persisted. In the end, Francis overcame the odds and is now cancer-free.

    With nothing but gratitude after overcoming these trials, Francis and Overbo found themselves adopted by a like-minded tribe of Portland musicians who helped them get back into the art of music-making all over again. It was then that Silver Lake 66 was born. Together with those collaborators, they contributed to jam sessions and other performances at a honky-tonk at the edge of the city called The Barn. It was then that the duo really found their sound with their newfound duet project.

    The rest of Silver Lake 66’s story so far is of positive change, pushing forward and doing what they do best together. In August of 2016, the super duo released a new LP, Let Go Or Be Dragged. It features a collection of songs drawn from personal experiences of travel, love, loss, and adversity. A group of local veteran musicians from the Portland Americana community rounds out the vocally driven, warm, tremolo-laden sound.

    The album has been a resounding success with Americana radio, receiving airplay from over 55 stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The album hit #19 on the Roots Music Report’s album chart, and the song “San Francisco Angel” reached #18 on its singles chart.

    The Huffington Post’s Randy Radic describes Silver Lake 66’s music as “elegant simplicity” and “the real McCoy.” For Folk’s Sake’s Jonathan Frahm calls the duo “the real deal” and highlights their “sweet harmonies that mesh the entirety of their sound together.”

    Silver Lake 66 are one inspiring, electrifying duo to keep your eye on. Make sure to catch them on tour when they hit your city!

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  • Spectator

    Brijana Bondy

     Spectator is Megan Rooney and Jeffrey Albert. They met in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2006, and began spending evenings together playing each other songs they'd been cultivating for years. At the time, Meg sang in a band and had many fully realized songs, while Jeff had years of pieces and ideas saved up with nowhere to go, songs that never felt complete. Quickly their ideas blended, and new songs starting forming without any way of telling where one person's ended and the other's began. 

    Their first EP In the Brick, released in 2012, was developed over several years, and too many long weekends to count, at Centro Cellar Studio in Columbia, Missouri. Co-producing with engineer and old friend Wil Reeves in his studio, songs were recorded, scrapped, broken down to their basest parts, built back up again, sometimes more than once. More songs were recorded than were released. Someone once described this process as a laboratory. Meg and Jeff hunkered down, learned the recording process, how to build songs for a full band, and how to get to the sounds that were in their heads. During that process, they found drummer Laren Loveless and bassist Luke Berry, and they became the 'core four' of the live band, playing lots of shows and forming a deep musical connection. In the Brick received a lot of local love in Saint Louis, and Meg and Jeff began to write new songs that would develop not just at home or in the studio, but also out in front of an audience with the band, growing and changing as they tinkered with the elements.

    Their next album, The Last Exchange, was a full- length released in 2015. They recorded at Centro Cellar again with some of the same musicians, but expanded to include new artists as well. Guitarist Dominic Puleo joined the live band and recording sessions, bringing along his deep musical knowledge and his 10 million guitars. In the middle of making the album, Meg and Jeff moved to Oakland, California, so much of the album was recorded in pieces with home recordings that were later mixed with studio work. Vocals were recorded at a different studio...and in their bedroom closet. The Last Exchange was an album about transition, and the process of making it ended up fully embodying that concept.

    Charlie, Baby is Spectator's most deliberate work to date. While living in Oakland for a couple of years and playing occasional shows in the Bay Area and Saint Louis, their focus shifted to writing and demoing tracks at home. Upon moving back to Saint Louis (and somewhere along the way finally getting hitched), they decided to approach this album a bit differently. They teamed up with Kevin Bachmann to produce the record - something they'd always done themselves. Together they refined ideas before heading into the studio and then tracked them live at Native Sound Recording in Saint Louis. Kevin produced and played bass among many other instruments, and Mike Schurk played drums. Along with Meg and Jeff, this foursome is at the heart of every track. While there was still a lot of room for creativity and new ideas in the studio, the process was more focused than the previous two projects. They did, however, still fully break down and rebuild one track just for good measure...

    Charlie, Baby is about how loss shapes your future. The songs came together during personal and societal turmoil, as well as Meg's professional work with refugees - people who've lost everything and must rebuild their lives after relocating. The album represents a similar, yet profoundly new step in Spectator's sound. And it was wrapped up just in time - just 5 days after their last studio session their beautiful new baby girl was born.

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  • MozesandtheFirstborn2018byNickHelderman7LR-990000079e04513c.jpg

    Album release: 'Dadcore' by Mozes and the Firstborn
    Release date: 29 March 2019
    Label: Burger Records
    More info: Band website

    Following the worldwide release of their third full-length album 'Dadcore' on Jan 25th via Burger Records, Mozes and the Firstborn will bring their potent mix of grunge and powerpop to the UK for an exclusive show at Shacklewell Arms, London on March the 12th. Full dates for their newly announced EU tour can be found below, Mozes and The Firstborn’s European Tour kicks off after their US dates with "Madrid's finest" The Parrots in February 2019.

    Mozes and the Firstborn European tour dates and tickets

    California's Burger Records were the first to jump onto the addictive, raw energy of Mozes and the Firstborn, releasing their debut album in 2014. Since then the band have had praise from the likes of Pitchfork, NPR Music, Noisey, released various singles on Universal B.V. and played countless SXSW shows, winning fans across the world.

    Listen to latest singles 'Hello' and 'If I'.

    Pre-order the new album here.

    Ask an average 15 year old kid nowadays what rock music means to him and they'll probably say: "That's something my dad listens to". With 'Dadcore', Mozes and the Firstborn embrace this sentiment by exploring their favorite styles within the paternal genre. The band present the record as a mix-tape, a colourful collection of eclectic songs that they've hand chosen and want you to fall in love with and pick out your favourites, like any other mix-tape. The production of each song was approached differently to highlight the wide influences on the album. Melle Dieleson explains the love behind their music:

    "Dadcore is a love letter to rock music. It's an ode to being in a band. After eight years we still sometimes play shows where only twelve people show up, there's no backstage and the fee is a case of beer and a place to crash. Nonetheless, there's four people up on that stage rocking out as hard as they can. That's Dadcore to me."

    Dadcore was produced by drummer Raven Aartsen with Chris Coady (Beach House, Yuck, together PANGEA) on board as co-producer. On this third record the band has worked with different mixing engineers including Chris Coady, Rob Barbato (Kevin Morby, The Babies, The Fall), Roland Cosio (together PANGEA, Fuzz, Peach Kelli Pop) and Andrew Schubert & Eric Carlson (together PANGEA, Mean Jeans, Wand).

    "...like something that might waft out of a California garage in the 1960s...sunny, crunchy, extremely catchy." - NPR Music

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  • AndyEarl-9900000000079e3c.jpg

    Single release: 'Panda Village' by Theon Cross
    Release date: Out now
    Label: Gearbox Records
    More info: Artist webiste

    Today, London tuba player and composer Theon Cross has shared his brand new single 'Panda Village'. Featuring fellow jazz trailblazers Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd, the track marks Theon's first new solo release since his 2015 EP 'Aspirations'. The new single was premiered by the Quietus yesterday, who said "It’s electrifying to hear such a masterful interplay by three musicians at the top of their game."

    Hear / share the new single 'Panda Village' here.

    As one of the stalwarts of the London jazz scene, Theon Cross has been dominating airwaves and stages recently. He's part of a family network of young London-based musicians who have regularly supported one another in stretching and re-shaping the boundaries of the jazz genre. Having made a name for himself both as a member of the Mercury-nominated and award-winning quartet Sons of Kemet, as well as his own powerful and eclectic solo material, the last few years have seen Theon Cross appear on a number of highly acclaimed releases including the lauded ‘We Out Here’ compilation via Brownswood Recordings, as well as on the recent ‘Where We Come From’ mixtape on Chicago label International Anthem. Similarly, he has also performed around the world alongside the likes of Kano (appearing on-stage at Glastonbury), Moses Boyd, Makaya McCraven, Jon Baptiste, Pharoe Monch, Emile Sande and is a permanent fixture in South London-based collective Steam Down.

    Within all this noise, Theon has also been leading his own trio project with the talented Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd. 'Panda Village' marks the first of Theon's new material from the trio to be released on Gearbox Records (Thelonious Monk, Binker and Moses, Sarathy Korwar), who he plans to release further music with in 2019 - More details TBA.

    'Panda Village' is available to purchase here.

    Praise for Theon Cross

    “incredible!” – Gilles Peterson

    “crucially embraces the bass and rhythm role with exuberant inventiveness” – the Guardian

    “A prodigious young talent” – New York Times

    “could easily be sampled for a fiery Skepta track” – Rolling Stone

    “swaggering grime tuba and hyped-up free-bop interplay” – the Quietus

    “a key player in the UK’s bright-burning young jazz scene” – Stamp The Wax

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  • ByNickMalte2017-990000079e04513c.jpg

    Album release: Wet Dreams
    Release date: 29 March 2019
    Label: Black Pop Records
    More info: Band website

    Norway's newest power-punks Wet Dreams have revealed a brand new single today called 'Bad Boy' and announced their debut self-titled album which will be released on March 29th via Black Pop Records.

    Songwriter Sebastian Ulstad Olsen of Wet Dreams said that the video was: "...filmed in the deep forests of our beloved Østfold, Norway, this is the site for a secret festival happening every year. If you know, you know…"

    Watch Wet Dreams 'Bad Boy' video on YouTube.

    Wet Dreams were consummated in an Oslo basement, when Death By Unga Bunga frontman Sebastian Ulstad Olsen had conceived a few bastard songs he did not know what to do with. The songs grew into a fast and scruffy EP, released in the summer of 2017 – and now the self-titled debut album is finally here.

    Wet Dreams is a punk rock/garage group from Oslo consisting of members from FOAMMM, Warp Riders, De Marvells as well as the aforementioned Death By Unga Bunga. They played one of their first ever concerts at Norway’s biggest festival, Øya in 2017, which lead to them being highlighted by NME as one of the best discoveries from the event where they described them as being for fans of "The Ramones to The Vaccines" and said their set was like "Motorhead covering The Hives”. In 2018 they have played festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Following the album release in March 2019 the band will tour Norway, Europe and the US.

    Wet Dreams recorded the album by themselves, while Øystein Braut (Electric Eye, Dig Deeper, Soft Ride, Low Frequency in Stereo) aced the mixing, birthing an album of gritty, aggressive and ultra-catchy punk rock n roll.

    Songwriter Sebastian Ulstad Olsen had this to say on the sound of the band:

    "Even if the song structures aren’t miles away from the stuff I write in Death By Unga Bunga, I’ve been longing to challenge the recording and production process. I love music that bends the rules, so Wet Dreams is a great laboratory for this purpose."

    The record is about the idea of being – or trying to be – “larger than life” to conceal one’s own insecurities. The collection on the surface may appear a classic testosterone-fueled out-pour, but the lyrics combat this with belief that ultimately we’re all just humans with the same fundamental needs and desires.

    The Wet Dream-song 'I Can Fly' will be featured in an upcoming episode of the US TV show 'War Games' - an interactive up-to-date take on the 1983 classic Matthew Broderick-starring film.

    “Imagine Motorhead covering The Hives. Add beer, punk, and stir. Doesn’t that sound fun?” – NME (2017)

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  • CleaninWomen6PhotoKlausWelp-small-9900000000079e3c.jpg

    Album release: 'Intersubjectivity' by Cleaning Women
    Release date: 15 Februrary 2019
    Label: Svart
    More info: Band website

    The cleaning robots return with their first album in ten years. Cleaning Women, with their DIY instruments, release a new album on Svart Records on February 15th. Titled ‘Intersubjectivity’, the album has been mixed by Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke, which has resulted in the band’s curiously original approach to music sounding more organic than ever.

    Watch / share new video for the single 'We Work It Out'.

    “We wanted the album to sound like how we sound live on stage, at least to our ears. We wanted to carry our junk instruments to the finest studio we can find so that we could bring out the smallest nuances of the sound our instruments produce. We recorded the album in the brand new E-Studio in Sipoo, Finland, with as few overdubs as possible. Alexander Hacke, who has three decades of experience with the clang and rattle of junk metal, managed to dig up the essential elements in our music. Studio sessions took a mere five days, as did mixing, so everything happened quite intuitively with little polish to things. That’s why we feel the result sounds intergalactically fresh”, comments the band.

    Alexander Hacke thinks that “Working with the Cleaning Women was a wonderful experience all around. This Finnish trio is a unique outfit with an innovative agenda, inventing and building their own instruments, while delivering solid, danceable and very entertaining music. They are fearless, cranky with a great sense of humour"

    After the previous album ‘U’ the band have spent their time with a number of multidisciplinary projects, including music for documentaries and movies and live soundtracks to silent movies, and also played over 500 shows in over 20 countries. The band also took part in, among others, the Parallax art exhibition in Mexico City, which showcased Finnish modern art.

    Cleaning Women's DIY instruments

    • Thunder Plate

    • Electric Coffee Bean Can Bouzouki

    • Customised Laundry Rack

    • Metal Box

    • Percussion Set: Plastic Bucket Kick Drum, Metal Boxkick Snare, Movie Reel Box Snare, Metal Cans and Pots, Washing Machine Drive Snares

    • 3-String Sub Bass

    • Melodic Kling Klang

    • 3-String Closet Hanger Rod Bass

    • Wooden Box

    • 4-String Enamel Wash Tub Bass

    • Electric Hammered Dulcimer Bass Rack with Melodic Metal Rods

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  • The annual Holiday Special from NPR’s All Songs Considered is always a treat. But this year, Bob & Robin may have finally outdone themselves! In their own words….

    “This year, All Songs Considered hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton decide to get away from it all with a holiday cruise to Bermuda. Along the way they meet a few special guests aboard the ship, including John Legend, Aloe Blacc, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, William Shatner, Lucius, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees and Rodney Crowell, who all try to share their own good cheer for the holidays. But nature inevitably runs its course and the gang finds itself stuck in the swirling vortex of the mystical Bermuda Triangle, desperate for some sort of passage back home. It all unfolds like a bad high school play in this regular, seasonal spoof from NPR Music.”

    CLICK HERE for all of the hilarious shenanigans.

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