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  • Gorilla vs Bear is a Texas-based music blog that has received recognition from notable outlets like Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and Huffington Post. A lot of bands come to Green Light Go with the blog on the top of their Wish Lists. There is a definite focus on style and musical accolades, with an emphasis on hipster indie: dark synth, hazy dream pop, and slacker rock. If you’re interested in securing coverage, there are definitely some things you’ll need to consider first. Let’s go over the best options!


    1. Mixes

    One of the most popular features on Gorilla vs Bear is their Mixes column. This is pretty straightforward in terms of format. It features a mix tape of music every month. The major things to keep in mind here, or the main drivers, are that the primary focus is on artists in the darker synth and electro genres. 90% of all the music on each list was right along these lines, and contained artists that were on labels. More so than that, each artist was more established on Facebook, usually spanning over 30,000 likes. There are a few outliers that are under 10,000, and even one or two under 5,000, but even these had the backing of a label. There’s a heavy emphasis on the sound in this column, so if your band doesn’t meet this criteria, it really isn’t a fit.

    2. Polaroid

    This column is one of my  favorites. The “Polaroid” feature showcases polaroid photos of bands and producers in a way that puts you right in front of the hazy action. As with their Mixes column, the primary focus is on darker synth sounds, but it is not 100% limited to it. I saw larger bands like Hinds and Charlie XCX featured, but keep in mind they’re established and have the backing of major labels. One other thing to keep in mind is location. The majority of photos from shows alternate between venues in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. If you’re not on a major label, then the only chance of coverage here might be by going on tour with a more established act. But again, keep in mind, genre and band popularity are big players here.


    3. Video 

    The “Video” column might be the best option for bands in terms of genre availability, but as with the previous columns, the main driver and major focus is bands or artists on a label. It features music videos of all shapes and colors. Some are more obscure and avante garde than others, but the primary sound is with the common thread of darker synth beats. This column has a few indie rock bands, but they are on labels like Sub Pop, and are closer to a beachy, psychedelic sound.

    Gorilla vs Bear is a really great blog that covers some incredibly fresh music. Just keep in mind, that whenever you’re pitching it’s important to do your research first. Time is valuable for everybody, so if your band is a metal band, or you aren’t on a label, it’s not the right time to reach out. Being a right fit in both genre and level are really important contributing factors. If your sound is a fit, then by all means reach out, but I would recommend letting them know which column you are interested in from the beginning.


    We also know Gorilla vs Bear is a tough one to crack for an unsigned artist.

    We've worked long and hard to find our favorite top 10 indie rock blogs who WANT to hear from new bands and WANT to discover new music. This isn't just a list of out of date names where you quickly send an email only to find it message returned. We give you tips on the specific genres they tend to favor and what seems to drive the decision for coverage. All of this boils down to hours upon hours you've saved trying to track down the right blog and determine if they are right for you. It also means you'll accelerate the opportunities with those who love your band.

    **Please note that coverage is often determined by two factors: Do they like the music and/or do they have time to cover. Music is subjective and while one may give a no, it doesn't mean another won't be over the moon about saying yes.


    Download your Ten for $10 Indie Rock Directory here.

    P.S. When you do get a hit, let us know! We love to hear about your success stories to add our Indie Rock Hall of Fame.



    Indie Rock Directory


    Sharing is Caring: Know a band who wants coverage in Gorilla vs Bear? Feel free to share or tweet it. Comments and feedback always appreciated @p_corsi

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  • We know the struggle is real when it comes to bands and budgets.

    "Budget," you say, "What's that?"

    Does "I'm a self-financed artist" ring true for you?

    We don't believe in limitations, even when the circumstances appear to dictate otherwise.

    Imagine having access to indie rock blog and Spotify contacts who are interested in hearing from you. Imagine saving all those hard earned hours tracking down the right contacts for your music, only to discover you don't stand a chance. Imagine if those hours were instead spent doing what you love most, make music. 

    Ten for $10 Indie Rock Directory

    It's taken us years to find the right contacts for the bands we represent. It takes hours upon hours (upon hours) digging into the music blogs and Spotify playlists to determine what they love, how they love to get it and how to speak their language.

    At GLG, we believe in the power of giving back. We know not every band can afford a traditional music pr campaign where we advocate for you based on our 20+ years in the music industry.


    That's why we want to give you a leg up even if money is nearly existent. For only $10, you can get ten contacts who will cover unknown and unsigned indie rock bands without representation. Some are big, some are small. We give you clear tips on what you can pitch and how to get the best results. 

    Learn more by adding your contact information below:


     Tell us where we can send your Ten for $10 Indie Rock Directory

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  • The Norman, OK rocker’s Helen Kelter Skelter have shared a new single to tide their fans over till the release of Melter on January 19th (Shaking Shanghai Records). The always impeccable folks at Austin Town Hall have the premiere right here!

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  • QUAILS! ‘We Don’t Need Entertainment’ Single At Radio Now!

    RiSH Publicity | Recording Industry Servicing Hub
    QUAILS is the solo project of Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Amy Pes. “We Don’t Need Entertainment” is the new single from the forthcoming EP ‘Worlds’. 
    ‘Worlds’ follows up QUAILS’ self-titled debut EP which included “High Hopes”, a song that was featured extensively in a closing scene for hit US TV show ‘Lucifer’. QUAILS received a huge response worldwide, with the scene and YouTube clips of the scene being viewed by millions. Now, QUAILS release “We Don’t Need Entertainment” co-produced by Quinn with remixes by The Nights and Tunnel Signs, and from further afield, Tallah from Berlin and Owe Money Pay Money from Singapore.
    QUAILS brings together an ambient blend of moody pop with R&B undertones, glimmering synths, bold beats and emotive soul-infused vocals, “We Don’t Need Entertainment” stays on course while the remixes take the song into different dancefloor zones.
    1. We Don’t Need Entertainment
    2. We Don’t Need Entertainment (The Nights Remix)
    3. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Owe Money Pay Money “We Don’t Need Bae” Remix) 
    4. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Tunnel Signs Remix)
    5. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Tallah’s Deep Mix) 

    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    RiSH Publicity 

    E: info@rishpublicity.com
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  • van-william.jpg

    Album release: ‘The Countries’ by Van William
    Release date: 19 January 2018
    Label: Fantasy Records / Concord Music
    More info: Artist website

    Just a couple years ago, Van William was a man with a plan. Having toured the world from age twenty – first with his band Port O’Brien, followed by his second group Waters – he had met and cultivated a tight knit community of fellow musicians, embarked on a serious, years-long romantic relationship, even found time to spend summers in the Kodiak Islands of Alaska working on his father’s commercial fishing boat, as he’d done all his life. 

    When, in short order, his musical projects and romantic relationship dissolved, and his father announced his retirement after 49 summers at sea, Van reached an inflection point. “I was freaked out”, the songwriter recalls, looking back on the most tumultuous year of his life. “But with that freak-out came a renewed sense of purpose” and a new musical direction, heralded by the arrival of ‘Countries’, Van’s vivid and open-hearted solo debut full length album, set for January 19 release on Fantasy Records / Concord Music. Stream / Share new album track ‘The Country’ via Soundcloud here.

    Anchored in Van's love of melodic song craft and infused with melancholy, the eleven original songs on ‘Countries’ don't belong to any specific style. Call them American Heartache, music that stirs up forgotten memories and feels eternal and fresh, pulling the past into the present as a way of navigating considerable loss.

    Van wrote the songs that would become ‘Countries’ in a secluded part of the Sierra Nevada, then enlisted a close-knit group of friends - including his co-producer Brian Phillips, Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith, Pop ETC bassist Chris Chu and keyboardist Tam Visher - to bring the album to life in a studio in Marin County. Special vocal guests on the album include the Soderberg sisters of First Aid Kit, Miya Folick, and Sara DaMert of Waters.  

    “These songs sound exactly like I feel” says Van, “restless, reeling, heartbroken and ready to burst. I grew up on Fugazi and Plastic Ono Band; The Lonesome Crowded West and On the Beach. I wanted to make a record that unambiguous, that digs its hooks in deep and doesn’t let go”. 

    ‘Countries’ follows Van’s critically acclaimed ‘The Revolution EP’, released earlier this year which earned praise from NPR, Wild Honey Pie (“therapeutic and celebratory”) and others. The EP’s title track and video both feature Van’s longtime friends and collaborators First Aid Kit, who he’s set to support on an international tour starting in North America in January 2018. Before that Van will play a three-week residency at LA’s Moroccan Lounge, with special guests to be announced day-of-show each week. UK listings for the international support tour are below. 

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  • The new single from indie folk collective The Good Graces, “The First Girl” strikes an unflinchingly introspective chord that is both atmospheric and intimate. Combining a plaintive, utterly appealing vocal drawl and a raw, honest homespun warmth, the single is off the upcoming release, The Hummingbird EP, due out February 9, 2018 on Pretty New Songs.

    Singer-songwriter Kim Ware approaches her music from a deeply emotive and genuine place. Discontent after the results of the 2016 election, she dove deeper into a more personal state of creative energy. Ware explains, “After the election, there was this feeling of looking around and wondering what people stood for. But it also made me look inward. It made me want to stand by my standards and beliefs, and ultimately, my truths. I’m finding it’s one of the few things that gives me any sense of control. When I'm down or confused about whatever's going on, in the world but also in my more insular, day-to-day, I still have music and my friends. I still have this means of expression that has helped me to better deal with things, and I still have this way of communicating and hopefully helping other people through some stuff, too.” Through Ware’s confessional lyrical style and starkly sincere singing, “The First Girl” seamlessly integrates a deftly layered evocative musical phrasing that captures authenticity with each new chord.

    The Hummingbird EP is a postscript to the full length, Set Your Sights. It wanders the spectrum from sad to happy with a side-trip to just plain silly. “The hummingbird won't go from point A to point B in a straight line,” Ware points out. “They kind of jump around all over the place. But by the time they make it to point B they've probably gotten there in a more creative, thoughtful way. I've always identified with that.” That journey is evident in the songs on the EP, which elicit a new level of creative wandering. There’s a striking juxtaposition in “(I Should Probably Write a) Happy Song,” a fun, catchy number that dares you not to clap along to lyrics like, “all these tears in my name just make me feel like dying.” Each melody creates sonically lush beds for Ware’s longing and regret to roll around in.

    The Hummingbird EP Track Listing

    1. The First Girl
    2. X My <3
    3. (I Should Probably Write a) Happy Song
    4. Waiting

    About The Good Graces:

    The Good Graces is an indie-folk collective based in Atlanta, GA formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter Kim Ware. They have several releases, including Sunset Over Saxapahaw (2008), Bring on the Tambourines (2008), Wildcat Creek (2012), Drawn to You (2013), Close to the Sun (2014), and Set Your Sights (2017). The Good Graces has opened up for the Indigo Girls, and has played official showcases at NXNE and the 30A Songwriters Festival. Ware won the Searchlight Indie Song Competition, and was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest. The upcoming release, The Hummingbird EP, is due out Feb. 2018 on Ware’s own Pretty New Songs imprint.

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  • When you’ve played in as many bands and performed as many different styles of music as California native Robert Vickers has, there’s bound to be some confusion along the way. Somewhere down the line he became ‘Rob’ to some and ‘Bob’ to others. This helped contribute to a musical split-personality which allowed him to be bassist in the late 1980’s for psych-rock outfit Cerebral Corps then by the 90’s morph into his role as drummer for jangly West Coast popsters, The Orange Peels.

    In between, he kept himself busy in a variety of one-off theatrical activities that included writing the stage play ‘A Night at the Supermarket’ and writing/performing with well-loved Santa Cruz sketch comedy troupe ‘Dangerous Neighbors’.
    When Vickers decided to finally focus his attention on recording some of the many songs he’d written over the years, Orange Peels main man Allen Clapp offered to produce what eventually became ‘Gallimaufry’.
    Released by the Bus Stop Label in 2008, ‘Gallimaufry’ allowed Vickers to create a multi-instrumentalist brother act that reveled in British flavored ‘60’s pop-rock while also conjuring a modern roots based Folk-Americana with stops at Surf City and the Brill Building along the way. The record garnered high praise from critics upon release but was met with near unanimous commercial apathy.
    In the 10 years since the record’s release, life brought the big ‘D’ triumvirate of Death, Divorce and Depression resulting in a return to songwriting and recording. Now, nearly a full decade later, The Incredible Vickers Brothers return with ‘Torch Songs for Swingers’, a new collection of music addressing loss, longing, memory and mid-life crisis.

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  • This article appeared first on Sonicbids.

    If you’re ready to hire a music promotion company to secure coverage for your upcoming single, EP, or album release, how do you find a publicist who will give you the best bang for your buck? How do you avoid getting ripped off or throwing money down the drain because the company wasn’t the right fit for your band?

    Here are four aspects to help you hone in on the right music PR firm for you.

    1. Genre fit

    When hiring a music PR firm, the number-one priority should be whether they publicize your genre of music and have a proven track record for success within that genre. If you’re a hip-hop act reaching out to a publicist who only promotes Americana and folk music, no matter how great the publicist is, chances are the campaign wouldn’t be as successful as it would be working with someone who promotes your style of music.


    By hiring a music publicist who promotes your genre, you can ensure there will be a more intimate knowledge of the music, media relationships with those who cover the style of music, and an overall strategy and approach to how to communicate the message.


    No two genres are managed equally, and what works for a traditional folk band is often completely different for an act that’s categorized in a genre like hipster, indie rock, or electronic.

    2. Band level

    Focusing on genre alone isn’t enough. Promoting an established band vs. an unknown act is completely different. If you are an unknown band, you want to make sure the publicist who works with you has a clear vision of how to promote you when no one knows who you are.


    While it can be great to say you work with St. Vincent’s publicist, you also want to know the publicist will place you at the same priority level and have experience successfully securing press coverage for a band of your measure.

    3. Approach

    You also need to think about the type of work style you’re looking for in your publicist. Are you more hands on or hands off? Do you want to be engaged with your campaign and have your publicist act as your partner, or would you rather just hand it off to your publicist so you can solely focus on your music?


    There is one major thing to consider when choosing a publicist where you can be hands off: Engaged bands do tend to have more successful results than the one who checks out. When you’re engaged in the campaign, you can provide additional insights that give the new publicist leverage to secure coverage at outlets who can influence your career.

    4. Results

    What do you want to achieve, and how does the music PR firm meet that? This is something you should be really clear about before you start contacting music promotion companies. If you’re not clear, you will have no way of measuring whether a company can meet your objectives or not.


    For instance, our campaigns focus on a specific number of contacts that are highly targeted, which allows us to achieve higher coverage rates because we are laser- focused on the overall objective: securing press coverage.


    At first glance it may seem limited in comparison to a firm who sends to massive press lists for the same amount of money. However, the real comparison you should be making is how much press coverage each company receives for the client for the same amount of money.


    The best way to start looking for the right PR firm is to ask bands you trust who have hiredmusic PR themselves. Start with those who are similar in size and genre, and ask them who they are confident in referring. Once you have a good list, start reaching out to the publicists who fit the parameters you’re looking for and you’ll have a leg up on picking the right music PR firm for you.

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  • The debut single from Cayden Wemple, “Better”, unites a common thread of emotions wavering between apathy, acceptance, and hope. When growing up in a world where it’s downright terrifying to turn on the news, or even log onto social media, 18-year-old Wemple drives his voice through the dark shadow cast in front of the sun, and refuses to give in to the nightmare’s pull. “Better” is off the upcoming EP, Car Crash From an Aerial View, due out February 2, 2018 . It was recorded at Rumor Mill Recording and produced by Joel Jacks (David Crosby).

    With fluid melodies and a soothing vocals, Wemple is a burgeoning artist who is prepared to be the voice of those sharing his message of inclusion and solidarity. At its core, “Better” carries an anthemic rolling beat and shuffling tempo that adds to its gentle sway. But Wemple’s songwriting and lyrical structure are the kindling for his impassioned message. His lyrics are drenched in vulnerability and, at times, even show hints of uncertainty that are the cornerstone of coming of age.

    His brand of millennial folk marries the social commentary of Declan McKenna with the songcraft of Conor Oberst and Gregory Alan Isakov. With dreams serving as a central inspiration, the EP’s title was inspired by a flight over Wemple’s hometown and the cars on the road below. He explains, “I thought it would be strange to see the cars crash into each other from that point of view. That idea, from an aerial view, makes the whole spectacle seem so small. When you look away from the cars, there could be a forest fire, or some other sort of disaster. Focussing on one thing at a time may be all we have time for in the moment, but, in the grand scheme of things, there is so much going on in our world. Our personal lives seem disastrous to us, but it’s all just a car crash from an aerial view. There’s so much more than just what’s on the surface.”

    Car Crash From an Aerial View Track Listing

    1. Mad
    2. Not to Sugarcoat it
    3. The Boat Song
    4. Southpaw
    5. Better

    About Cayden Wemple

    Cayden Wemple is a singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo, California. His debut EP tackles vulnerable themes of insecurity and personal struggle, but offers a message of inclusion, solidarity, and hope. Car Crash From an Aerial View was recorded at Rumor Mill Recording and produced by Joel Jacks (David Crosby).


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